Water source for the Aquarium

Key element of the aquarium system Aquatika is the fresh water source for aquarium pools. Fresh water comes to the aquarium pools from a well and, unlike the water from the water supply system which we consume on a daily basis, does not contain chlorine.

Flowing through the aquarium system, 5% or 14m3 of water evaporates, and the same quantity flows into the river Korana via a stormwater drainage system. Total volume of all aquariums is 300 m3. Recirculation system that the water in Aquatika flows through is the most advanced computerised technological system of modern aquariums.
It is actually a copy of a natural water cycle as the main prerequisite for life. It is said that water is the source of life. But the water itself seems to be alive, even living eternally in its continuous cycle. Hydrologic cycle is a closed system of water circulation on Earth. This amazing natural mechanism makes water eternal since it continuously evaporates from water surfaces, from the ground and plants. It condenses in the atmosphere and returns to streams and rivers as precipitation and then flows back to lakes and seas.