Good luck and come visit us again

Human beings and fish have been companions for a long time. To be perfectly honest, this is a predator type of company. We hunt fish, we feed on fish. Sometimes the roles are reversed. And this has been going on for centuries. At the same time, in almost every corner of the world, fish are the subject of our infinite and completely deserved admiration.
We will continue to walk along the banks of rivers and lakes with the smile on our face if we do not take sustainable management as a mere phrase. If we use all available tools meaningfully, above all professional and scientific research, we can retain the sights of fantastic karst waterfalls and prevent extinction of certain habitats and species. And here we are, standing here, at the end of our walk along a karst river. We have taken in parts of the magical world of inland waters… so let's ask ourselves what really matters. Water has always been an inspiration to a man. It is eternal motivation which encourages creation. Because it enables life. Because it makes largest part of our bodies and our environment. So how do we want to see the world living in waters? Let's hear and think about it...

A Jumping Fish

Sometimes I stop to listen to the silence,
and I fall silent myself...
A waterfall is splashing the surface of Korana.

I remember, as a child,
I loved running along the river bank,
and throwing pebbles in the water.

The happiest moments were...
A jumping fish.